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John Grimley
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(from Jorge Gavidia, 19.03.28 ):

RE: The Louisiana Havana Dixieland Jazz Band

Hi John,

Here’s the plan and the idea behind the band.


The style and repertoire of the band remains traditional/New Orleans jazz. I learned a lot from my time with the Freeway Jazz Band and you will hear some of the same music. I will never forget how Len Gosling sang tunes like Michigan Water and All The Girls Go Crazy. I won’t sing them quite like he did but I’m still inspired by Len’s performances and they will be part of our repertoire.

We will also be sticking to the Freeway tradition of ending the first and last sets with parade tunes.These were always among my favourite moments with the Freeway and I hope to see audience members dancing with parasols when we play these songs.

I will also be including a limited selection of traditional Cuban music that shares history and musical similarities with traditional jazz, hence the Havana part of the band name.

Personnel & Instruments:

I will be replacing the trumpet with a violin on most dates. I have a trumpet player confirmed for April 28th, however on April 7th and 21st we will have violin taking the role of the trumpet. My choice to use violin comes from the fact that our violinist is an amazing musician who has proven to be very dedicated to the repertoire of every gig I’ve asked her to play. She is one of my favourite musicians and in my opinion, a hidden gem of Toronto’s jazz scene.

My wife Sarah will be joining us on vocals, and will be a regular part of the band in April.

Our sound will be closer to that of Red Hot Ramble (note their lack of trumpet) than the Freeway. A typical gig might look something like this:

Violin or trumpet

I will be playing bass and guitar. You will hear musicians you are not familiar with along with some you may know.


Every Sunday in April from noon to 3pm at The Rex. We currently have no plans beyond April.
I really appreciate your interest in the band and I would love to see you at the gig.

All the best.

Jorge Gavidia Morales

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