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Hot Five Jazzmakers: 28 years at C'est What?, Feb. 18
064 8 months ago
Lakeridge Dixie Stompers January 15th thaw at the Tartan Tavern
2104 8 months ago
Alex Bay festival, May 2017
065 8 months ago
Calendar page: times are a mess
193 8 months ago
Hot Five Jazzmakers' Christmas gift, Dec.10
0101 10 months ago
Dinny's Allstars celebrate 1st year at Queen Victoria's
062 10 months ago
Haiti fundraiser: a BIG thank you!
084 10 months ago
Lakeridge Dixie Stompers: venue owners change
087 11 months ago
Jazz jam: fund-raiser for Haiti
0127 11 months ago
Bob Cruickshank
087 11 months ago
Jon Seiger playsToronto, November 6
0148 over a year ago
Marla Dixon plays Toronto September 17
0127 over a year ago
Drew Jureka joins Alex Pangman September 1
0117 over a year ago
Gregg Stafford plays The Rex Hotel, November 20, 2016
0149 over a year ago
No Jazz Generation July 1
0123 over a year ago
Last gigs of the season....
0156 over a year ago
Climax Scarborough experiment ends
0135 over a year ago
Sunday March 13th 2016 LAKERIDGE DIXIE STOMPERS, ,at the TARTAN TAVERN 8, Tel: 905-728-9113 Traditional jazz in a hot New Orleans style for your dancing and listening pleasure.In a very nice music room with comfortable seats , good sightlines , dance flo
1348 over a year ago
Jazz Wizards live radio Broadcast, March 25
1327 over a year ago
Roberta Hunt joins Dinny's All-Stars, Feb 21
0329 over a year ago