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Climax Jazz Band playing on Canada Day
012 3 weeks ago
Wayne & Nancy Pauli retire from Alex Bay Featival
020 1 months ago
Joe Cavallero's JB from Elmira NY @ K-W Club April 25
029 3 months ago
Alexandria Bay Jazz Festival - the details
036 3 months ago
Ottawa's Peter Turner busy in Toronto over Easter
041 3 months ago
Old friends revisit The Climax Jazz Band
039 3 months ago
Toby Hughes is busy
026 3 months ago
Dinny's Can-Am All-Stars prepare for Alex Bay.
035 3 months ago
The Big Three at Gate 403
029 4 months ago
028 4 months ago
100th anniversary of 1st jazz recording
034 5 months ago
Hot Five Jazzmakers: 28 years at C'est What?, Feb. 18
029 5 months ago
Lakeridge Dixie Stompers January 15th thaw at the Tartan Tavern
265 5 months ago
Alex Bay festival, May 2017
030 5 months ago
Calendar page: times are a mess
157 5 months ago
Hot Five Jazzmakers' Christmas gift, Dec.10
067 7 months ago
Dinny's Allstars celebrate 1st year at Queen Victoria's
052 8 months ago
Haiti fundraiser: a BIG thank you!
075 8 months ago
Lakeridge Dixie Stompers: venue owners change
071 8 months ago
Jazz jam: fund-raiser for Haiti
0110 8 months ago